how to piss off your neighbors

ways to piss off your neighbors

1. get marine epoxy and spray it on the hub caps, axles, around edges of tires. marine epoxy expands very rapidly when exposed to oxygen and heat when they start driving these parts will burst off. use generous emounts

2. rearrange lawn gnomes

3, put gnomes on door step and ding dong ditch them

4. put gnomes in different spots like on the hood of their car or in mailbox

5. if they have a pool put a snickers bar in it

6. put dye in their pool

7. dead bird in mailbox

8 before they get in their car put a smoke bomb in the tailpipe

9. crap on their doorstep

10. shoot bottle rockets at their house

11. get tiki torch fluid a bb gun a match and a can of spraypaint. make a large puddle of tiki torch fluid and light on fire. put spray paint can in fire and shoot it when you do this do it in the road in front of their house at night. when you shoot the can this will make about a 10 ft wall of fire

12. spraypaint hammertime on s
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