how to piss your neighbors off part 2

how to piss off your neighbors part 2

1. spraypaint hammertime on stopsigns

2. get on their roof with some firecrackers have someone ding dong ditch em if ya know wat im sayin

3. put big roadkill in pool im talkin huge like a dog or a deer

4. aim roman candles at house and ding dong ditch

5. put skittles in their yard that says im gay or childmolester and wet them

6. the classic flaming bag of dog shit on their porch

7. if u play guitar play VERY loudly

8. shoot bottle rockets at their kids and their cars.

9. get a condom fill it with lotion (or better yet skeet) and stretch it out either put it in their mailbox or on their door knob.

10. deface lawn decorations

11. pressure wash their windows

12. i wouldnt reccomend trying this but if u really want to scare the shit out of them tie a long fuse to an mortar firework because the mortar fuses burn too fast and put in on their doorstep light it run like hell.

13. shit in their mailbox
Uploaded 07/29/2008
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