I Missed

A young man is out golfing and is in front of a nun. He tees the ball and drives the ball straight into a group of trees. He gets pissed and yells, "SHIT, I missed!" The nun is a little taken aback but says nothing, he just drives her ball perfectly down the fairway. Meanwhile the man goes and finds his ball. He its it out of the trees and into a lake. The man immedeatly yells, "SHIT! I missed!!!". This time the nun decides to talk to the man. She walks ove to him and says to him, "Young man, swearing is sinfull. If you sweaar anymore God will have to punish you." The young man just waves her off and get a new ball. The nun easily finishes the hole with an Eagle but she decides to stay and watch. The man hits his ball straight over the green. He then screams at the top of his lungs, "SHIT!!!! I MISSED!!!!!" A bolt of lightning immedeatly comes down and... hits the nun. After this a booming voice coming from the clouds says, " Shit, I missed!
Uploaded 05/17/2008
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