Insults for your Worst Enemy

I hope you sneeze out your soul and it flies into an incinerator and burns, leaving its ashes on the abyss inside you, poisoning everyone you meet, thereby giving you the Touch of Death for the short while your body is alive, despite the horrible rashes you receive that eventually kill you.

I hope the KFC man and Ronald McDonald come to your house and hold you down while the KFC man shoves spicey chicken up your butt and Ronald grease burgers down your throat, until you explode with spicey chickeny goodness on a bun.

I hope the Keebler elves come to your house and lick you while they pour molten lead down your rectum.

I hope you receive 11,369 papercuts all over your body, are then dipped into a vat of lemon juice, and then put in restraints and put out in the sun to get a nasty looking tan while you watch Brokeback Mountain.

I hope you are levetated by a magical fairy into a cataclysmic world where a prison will hold you while a little creepy dude paints you green and touches your feet in a romantic way.

I hope you have a sickening hunger for poop for the rest of eternity, gobbling it up wherever and in whatever form you see it.

I hope that every breath you take causes your genitals to shrink, but everytime you are gay, they grow the amount they would have shrunk in 1500 breaths.

I hope you never visit a webpage without having to look for a stupid chain letter and doing whatever it says.

I hope your death comes about in a sick, unusual way that has to do with a mexican midget, a donkey, a girl with a dong, and a superman costume that doesn't have enough space for your balls to fit right that squeezes them in wierd ways when you shift position.

I hope you go onto Who Wants to be a Millionaire and win 1 million dollars, then proceed to spend it on what you think is a great mansion, but is actually a house full of a disease that causes the want for incestual relations.

I hope you don't write the bad words like "shut up" or "stupid" about me =,(
Uploaded 01/07/2009
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