A man was walking down the street when he saw a store named "Brain Juice". Intrigued, he stepped inside. Covering the walls were shelves covered in jars, hundreds of them, neatly labelled and full of chunks of gray matter. He stepped forward to read the small labels on them, and was surprised to see that they were all different professions, and priced per ounce. The owner of the store walked over and asked the man if he could do anything for him.

"Yes," the man replied. "What is all this stuff?"

"Brains," the man told him proudly. "It has been proven that eating an ounce of the brain of another person gives you their knowledge. For instance," he said, gesturing to a jar labelled doctor, "if you ate an ounce of this, you would be able to pass any exam to become a doctor, because you would aleady know everything."

Amazed, but realizing how valuable some of these might be, he wandered around the room, examining each jar closely. He came across one, Politician, and called the store owner over.

"Sir, why is the politician's brain nearly $10,000 per ounce?? They're not uncommon!"

"Yes, but do you have any idea how many politicians you have to have to get even an ounce of brain?"
Uploaded 03/01/2009
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