Junior Priest

A little 12 year old boy is such a devoted Catholic that he decides to quit school and become a priest. (FORSHADOWMENT: Little boy+catholicism= not good). He goes to the church and there is the Pope with 9 other older guys who want to become a priest too. The Pope says "As a priest, you must be free from lust, therefore in order to test your faith, you will all strip down your pants and attach a bell around your penis. A naked women will walk across this room. If any of you have an erection, the bell on your penis will ring."
So then the Pope left and this super gorgeous hot blonde stepped in. She was completely naked, and sensually strolled across the room, teasing the priest hopefuls. None of the other guys recieved an erection but as the woman passed the boy (who by the way was just going through puberty) he could no longer control himself and has such a hard erection, the bell flies across the room. Crushed that his dreams of priesthood were shattered he tries to conceal his pain and says "I'll just go and pick the bell up and leave then" As he bends over to pick up his bell, 9 other bells were heard
Uploaded 05/29/2009
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