Leprosy Baseball with ending

A man with Leprosy is on his death bed and is asked if there is anything he wanted to do in life before he died. "I've always wanted to go to a baseball game" the man answered.The next day, he goes to a baseball game. Knowing that his disease is disgusting to look at, he tries to find a seat away from everybody else. All of the out-of-the-way seats are full so he decides to take one that is surrounded by people. "Do you mind if I sit here?" he asks an old man who will be sitting next to him. The man agrees and the game starts.Halfway through the second inning, the old man looks over at the leper and pukes. The leper thinks that the man is getting sick due to his horrible condition. He begins to move to another seat but the man says "don't worry its not you" and the leper sits back down.
Midway through the 5th inning the old man looks over at the leper and pukes again. The leper, again, decides to look for another seat. The old man, once again,assures the
Uploaded 05/20/2008
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