Little known Bible story

When God was creating the Earth and all its environment, geography, flora and fauna, he was experimenting with something new. Yes, He had created other worlds before, but not one so complicated as this. He was not sure of its outcome even though He was a great and might being. So He installed a self-destruct lever in a little used area of land, thinking that if things didn’t turn out for the better He could pull the lever and end His experiment quickly and completely, before it could affect the rest of His magnificent universe.

As time went on and God saw the way the Earth was progressing, He decided that things were going alright for themselves and that maybe they should be able to continue to exist. This is when he decided to create a being that had never before existed, a being with a will of its own, and freedom to choose what path it wanted to follow. This creature was, of course, man. But before creating this creature, God thought it prudent to provide a protector to guard the self-destruct lever so that man would not use it to destroy the earth randomly. So he created snakes, and placed an extremely ferocious one to guard the lever.

When Adam and Eve had named all the animals and things of Earth, God thought the snake-guard too should also have a name. So He named him Nate.

As time progressed God saw His creation grow and prosper. His people grew wise and fruitful and soon occupied almost every available area of the earth. In fact, large cities grew around the area of the lever that was once in the remotest part of the planet. Still, however, hidden from the knowledge of the peoples and still guarded by the faithful snake-guard, Nate.

As things were progressing well, God decided to take a short vacation of a few thousand years, and upon His return to Earth was shocked to find the self-destruct lever fenced off from access by the general public, but right smack in the middle of the median of a large busy six-lane freeway. He was pleased to see Nate was still on the job, even if hidden from the view of the masses by a large thicket of scrub bushes growing near the fenced area. Suddenly, to God’s surprise, He noticed a car swerving erratically down one lane of the highway, clipping a bus load of preschool children, sending the bus on a direct path towards the lever. He knew he could not stop the bus suddenly without injuring the children on board. He knew the only thing he could do to cause no harm to the children and to save the Earth was to divert the bus into the group of thick bushes, cushioning the bus and as it slowed to a stop. This action would however cause the demise of the snake-guard, Nate, who had so faithfully stood his post for the last few millennia. Without a second thought God diverted the bus into the thicket, saving the children and the world from destruction but, sadly, killing Nate.

The moral of this story? God decided upon His returning, “It’s better Nate than lever.”
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