Long but worth it

There is an old guy in New York who develops a gambling problem and owes a bookie $2 million after betting on the World Series. His entire life savings is $1 million.
He's got one week to come up with the $2 million or God knows what.

Late one night he goes out on to his balcony with his scotch on the rocks and his cigar and looks up to the sky and says "God, I haven't talked to you in years, but I need your help." He tells God the whole story and sure as hell, this thunderous booming voice comes down from the sky GO TO LAS VEGAS MY SON

The guy can't believe it! The next day, he goes to the bank, takes out his million. With God's help, he can double it and get out of this trouble he's in.

He catches the first flight to Vegas. Walks into Ceasar's Palace and approaches the black jack table.

He looks up to the sky and says "God, how much should I bet per hand? $100? $200? The big booming voice replies BET IT ALL!

The guy is getting nervous, now, but he goes to the pit boss and gets permission to bet $1 million on one hand. He takes his money and stacks it on the table. A crowd starts to gather around.

He gets his first two cards: a queen and an eight. The dealer has a five. He looks up and whispers: "God, I have to stay, right?" The booming voice replies TAKE A HIT! The guy takes a hit. It's an ace. The crowd gasps.

The guy is very happy. He looks up and says "God, I have nineteen. I have to stay. Don't tell me to take another hit."


He nervously does. It's another ace. He has twenty. The crowd erupts. The guy is so happy he is crying. He looks up and says "I'm NOT taking another hit, God. I have twenty.

The voice commands even louder TAKE ANOTHER HIT !!!

The guy covers his eyes and motions for another hit. It's an ace. He makes 21 and wins the hand. This is a miracle. The crowd is jumping up and down the pit boss almost passes out and the guy is running around in celebration. He gets down on his knees, tears streaming from his eyes. He raises his arms to the sky and yells "Thank you God! You saved my life. Thank you! Thank you!

There's about a five second pause and the big booming voice says...

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