Mcdonalds Joke

A man is walking to McDonalds, when he sees a friend drive by in a car. The friend honks his horn and the man waves back. Then, the car turns around and honks at the man again. The man waves once again. Then the car come around yet again and honks. This time the man decides to ignore the person. So, as he continues to walk to McDonalds, he sees another friend driving by. The driver honks, and the man waves back. Then the car turns around. "No, not again," the man says. But sure enough, the driver honked at him. The man just ignored him. Then yet another car repeats the same things, making the man become rather curious. It seemed as if they were trying to tell him something. But what?
Finally he arrives at McDonalds. He orders his food and sits at a table by himself. Then, the three friends who were driving in the cars arrive in McDonalds. They order their food, then sit with him. They talk politely, leaving out the entire incident with the cars. Finally, the man cannot stand
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