McDonald's to Commemorate Michael Jackson with New Menu Items

McDonald?s® to Launch New Menu Items
and advertising campaign
to honor the legacy of Michael Jackson


OAK BROOK, Ill. (June 26, 2009) ? McDonald?s® today announced new
menu items to honor the legacy of Michael Jackson, who passed away on
June 25, 2009.

McDonalds® customers will soon have the choice of purchasing new menu
items with external packaging bearing Michael Jackson’s likeness. In
addition, a new advertising campaign has been developed and will push
to various advertising channels, including television, radio, and
print media.

McDonald’s® CEO, Jim Skinner–an admitted superfan of Michael Jackson
who once had the pleasure of meeting him–issued a separate statement
to the media saying, “Michael’s sudden passing is not only a shock to
me as a fan… but a shock to all fans, not only in the U.S., but
indeed the World. Of course, it also lands a shock to the McDonald’s®
family, and we plan to find a way to show our support for the King of
Pop’s legacy.”

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Skinner met with McDonalds® Board of
after expedited meetings with public relations company AEC Press
United National, Inc. (Symbol: AEC) and Coca-Cola (Symbol: KO) to
approval on the impromptu Michael Jackson campaign, which was
unanimously approved.

After solid first quarter performance, McDonalds® hopes to continue
improving in same store sales and will leverage its position to
release promotional items bearing Michael Jackson’s likeness due to
previous licensing deals which were struck a decade ago, but have not

McDonalds® is still working with AEC to develop additional menu

Currently announced menu items include:

- Coca-Cola® products will be available in a limited edition two
hundred and fifty-six ounce “King of Pop” buckets

- A new salad featuring “Neverland Ranch Sauce”

- Happy Meals® featuring packaging bearing Michael Jackson concert
scenes, featuring the usual food options and a choice of Apple,
Orange, or Jesus Juice

- A variation on McDonald’s® classic Big Mac® sandwich named the
“Michael Jackson Limited Edition Big Mac®,” prepared from carefully
aged food product for a robust and tangy flavor. Although the
toppings have not been announced, the burger will consist of a fifty
year old piece of meat between two eight year old buns

The products will be available at McDonalds® beginning August 29,
2009, which will coinside with what would be the 51st birthday of
Michael Jackson.


For media inquiries, contact:

Grant Master
AEC Press United National, Inc.
Chicago, IL
630-608-7666, extension #1

© 2009 McDonald?s
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