melting penis's

on day a black guy, a mexican, and an arab all died at the exact same moment, after their deaths, they arrived at the gates of hell.

only to be greeted by satan himself

satan says to the three men " I have a propsition for you three, pull down your pants and present you penises to me. im going to come up to each of you and grab it, if it melts you go straight to hell, if it doesnt melt you can go to heaven."

after the three men present themselves, satan walks up to the arab, and grabs his penis. it instantly melts. and in a puff of smoke the arab disappears into hell.

satan then walks up to the mexican and grabs his penis, and it to instantly melts. and just like the arab, the mexican in a puff of smoke disappears into hell.

satan then walks up to the black man and grabs his penis, and to satans astonishment it does not melt. enraged by this, satan explodes into a fiery inferno in an attempt to melt the black mans penis. but to no avail.

finally satan gives up and says" this has never failed me, why wont it work on you?"

and the black man replies "because chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand."
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