Mexican Sex

A lady dies and goes to hell. The devil greets her as she arrived. "I shouldn't be here!" She complained; "Is there ANY way to get into heaven now?"

"Well........." The devil was thinking; "I guess if you can seduce a man to have sex with you in one night to pass on your trait, you can get into heaven. I will send you to the mortal world so you can accomplish this. But you only have 8 hours now."

She returns, figures that this shouldn't be too hard, and immedeatly goes to a bar. The first guy she met was white and agreed to have sex with her. So their haveing sex at a hotel, and horns pop out of her head from being a devil now. "Holy shit lady I'm out of here you devil!" and the white guy runs out of the room, forgetting his clothes.

She goes back to the bar and picks up a black guy and goes through the same process. Their having sex at a hotel and her horns pop out. "DAYOM I was sexing up a devil-lady! I'm out of here!&q
Uploaded 05/22/2008
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