Middle School Reunion

So there were these three old-time friends who hadn't seen each in 40 years who meet and converse at their Middle School reunion. They get to talking and reminisce a bit and then ask the first guy how he's doing these days and he says, "I actually made a lot of money in oil and now I'm rich with a big house and a wonderful life" and everyone is like 65533Wow cool, good for you man, that65533s great.65533 Then they ask the second guy the same thing and he says, "Well I made a lot of money in the stock market and now I'm very wealthy with a beautiful wife and a yacht among countless other possessions," and everyone says "Wow good for you, great, congratulations, that65533s fantastic." Then they ask the third guy the same thing and he says "Well, I'm not rich or anything like that but since Middle School my penis grew really big and long and now 13 crows can stand on it at once," and everyone says, "Oh my Gosh, cool, that's amazing, good for you." Anyway, as the night wears on and they start to drink a bit and get tipsy, the first guy opens up and says "Ya know what, I wasn't completely honest with everyone earlier, I never made a fortune in the oil business, I've actually fallen on some hard times and my life is actually very crappy. I don65533t have a big house, I'm flat broke," and everyone is like "Oh wow that's terrible I'm so sorry to hear that," and they console him. So as the night goes on, the drinking continues and inspired by the first guy, the second guy gets up and says, "Ya know, I haven't been completely honest myself, I never made it big in the stock market, and I don't have a yacht or a beautiful wife, I'm actually poor as dirt and my wife is ugly as hell, I'm sorry I lied" and everyone is like "Oh man that sounds terrible, I65533m so sorry, that's awful," and they console him. Then, the night is about to come to a close and everyone is pretty drunk at this point and inspired by the first two, the third guy stands up and says, "Ya know, I haven't been completely honest with everyone either, I know I said that since Middle School my penis grew so big that 13 crows could stand on it at once, but in actuality the truth is, that 13th crow....he was only standing on one leg."
Uploaded 05/15/2012
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