Money for the Cleaners

Its around closing time at a bar, and a guy is absolutely shitfaced. He's trying to say something when all of a sudden he throws up all over his brand new shirt that his wife just bought him.

All of sudden he says "Oh shit, this is my brand new shirt that my wife just bought me, she is going to kill me". All of a sudden another guy who is just as hammered as he says to the guy "No, no here's what you do". He all of a sudden puts a 20 dollar bill in the pocket of this shirt and says "you tell your wife, some idiot at the bar was so hammered he threw up all over your shirt. He felt so bad that he gave you $20 to get your shirt washed at the cleaners". Of course the guy who got thrown up on thinks it is a good idea because he is just as drunk, so he continous drinking untill the bar closes.

The next morning, he wakes up and as predicted his wife is incredibly pissed. He says to the guy "Well I hope your pretty proud of yourself asshole, you got wasted and you threw up all over your brand new shirt". The guy then says "No, no baby listen, this guy was so hammered last night that he threw up on all over me and he felt so bad, he gave me $20 to go get it washed at the cleaners".

The wife all of a sudden starts checking through the shirt pocket and says "Hey wait a minute, theirs $40 here". The guy then says "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, he shit in my pants to".
Uploaded 05/07/2012
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Tags: drinking