Mr and Mrs.

On a game show recently in Australia, a young couple were picked from the audience. The guy wore headphones while his wife told the compere of a few things about him.
When the guy answered, he got all three questions right.
The compere then put headphones on the wife and asked the husband the three questions:
1. When was the last time you had sex?
The husband answered: "Last night."
2. In what position did you have sex?
He replied: She was bending over.
3. Where did you have the sex?
He answered hesitantly, "In the kitchen, over the washing machine."
The compere then took the headphones off the wife and asked the questions: "But first," he said, "I must tell you to answer truthfully because $10.000 is the prize if you get all three questions right.."
He asked the wife, "When did you last have sex?
Nervously she thought for a minute, then replied: "Last night."
The audience cheered.
The compere asked the second question: "In what position did you have sex?"
The young woman blushed, then replied. "From behind...I bent over."
The audience cheered once more.
"And now....for $10.000 the final question." said the compere.
"Where did you have sex last night?"
Blushing again, even more redder, the woman thought then looked across at her husband. He nodded as if to say, tell the truth.
Then she blurted out: "Up the arse!!"
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