Nasty little boy

Little boy walks into a whore house with a dead frog in his hand. Looks at the madam and demands that he shold get the dirtiest aids infested whore available.
The madam looks at the boy and asks" Shouldn't you be in school?"
The boy does not reply,instead he pulls $5000 cash from his pocket.
The madam replies " First door on the right."
The boy enters the room and finishes in about 10 minutes.
The boy walks out ,dead frog still in hand, and attempts to walk out of the establishment. The madam stops the boy and asks " With $5000.... Heck $500 dollars you could have had the best ,why her?
The boy replies "When I go home Im going to screw the babysitter, and she will contract the aids. When my dad takes her home he'll screw her, then he will have aids.When he gets home he'll nail my mom, giving her the gift that just keeps giving. And when the mail man comes at 2:00 you can bet your sweet ass he'll get it to. And that is the bastard that ran ov
Uploaded 07/08/2008
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