No talking allowed

A teacher is giving her students a test and warns all the kids that anyone caught talking will be given an F and will have to pay her $3. The test is going along smoothly when she notices Cindy, who has spent the last several minutes staring out the window, has her hand up.

"Mrs. Jones?"asked Cindy.

“Put your hand down, Cindy.” said the teacher. “There will be no questions during the test.”

Cindy resumes work but soon raises her hand again. "Mrs. Jones?"

“Cindy, didn’t I already tell you no questions during testing?” asked the teacher.

Cindy puts her arm down again but within just a minute or two raises it for the third time. "Mrs Jones, I just wanted to..."

“That’s it Cindy,” interrupted the educator. “I warned you, now bring me your test.”

Cindy comes forward, holding her test in one hand and $3 in the other.

“Unfortunately,” said Mrs. Jones, “I can't really charge you money for talking. I was just trying to scare you."

“Oh, I know that,” said Cindy. “I just figured you needed it for bus fare to get home.”

“You’re mstaken. I drove my new Mustang to school today.” answered the teacher.

“Actually, you do need it,” said Cindy. “because you know how I was raising my hand earlier? Well, I was trying to tell you I could see them towing your car away.”
Uploaded 08/10/2011
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