Obama's Driver

Obama was driving around America as part of his campaign. One time, when he was in Arkansas, his driver hit a pig with the limousine. Obama knew it would be bad for his image if they just drove off, so he asked the chauffeur to go to the pig's owners house and tell him that they hit his pig.

The driver did as Obama told him. Obama watched from the car as he knocked on the door, pointed in the car's direction, said something to the guy that opened the door and walked into the house.

Obama waited for 10 minutes, but his chauffeur was still in the house. After 30 minutes Obama realized they're in the middle of nowhere and that the pig's owner probably didn't like what the driver said. After an hour, he knew that it's a bad idea to get out of the car and that the driver is probably dead.

Obama decided that it's best to wait until it get's dark and the household goes to sleep - then he would sneak out of the car and run on foot (chauffeur took the keys with him).

He waited until midnight, but the lights were still on. Suddenly, the car's door opened - the driver was back.

Obama was shocked "Man! I thought they killed you!"

The chauffeur smiled and said "No. The guy asked me inside and gave me some of his finest whiskey. He's an okay guy. His wife said I have to stay for dinner, so I couldn't refuse. I was about to get back to the car when their daughter stopped me and said that it would be an honor if I would be her first. She was so gorgeous that there was no way I could have resisted her. That's why it took me so long to get back to the car, sir."

Obama's jaw dropped and he asked "What did you tell that guy?"

The chauffeur shrugged and replied "What you told me to say. [Hi. I'm Obama's driver and I just ran over that pig.]"
Uploaded 04/05/2010
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