omegle prank goes too far

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: asl?
Stranger: 19 f
You: where you from princess?
Stranger: asl?
You: 19 m texas
Stranger: im in cali
You: ooh cali girls are hot ;D
Stranger: :D
You: what do you look like? ;)
Stranger: kinda average
Stranger: where in texas r u from
You: the part of texas that thinks average girls are hot
Stranger: which is?
You: let's play steve irwin. i'll be steve irwin. you be a crocodile. or his wife.
You: death roll me bby ;)
Stranger: ok?
You: ;)that's hot
You: stay in character
You: i want you to growl at me
Stranger: grr
You: i just popped like 16 boners
Stranger: ok
You: you like that?
Stranger: what
You: my 16 boners?
Stranger: 16 is alot
You: too much to handle bby?
You: crocodiles have big mouths for a reason
Stranger: and big teeth= not so good
You: maybe not for normal guys
You: but i'm steve fucking irwin
Stranger: alrighty then
You: ;D
You: you're awfully talkative for a crocodile.
You: did you change characters to his wife?
Stranger: maybe
You: damn =/
Stranger: y is that bad
You: becuase i'm more of a fan of interspecies erotica
Stranger: whats ur favortie species
You: rhinocerous!!!!!!!!
Stranger: nice
Stranger: kinda scary
You: can you do that for me bby?
You: talk to me like a dirty rhino?
Stranger: ikd its a streach
You: okay i'll be the rhino
Stranger: ok
You: you be a japanese school girl
Stranger: kk
You: i snort and stomp my feet to alert you that you are in my mating grounds
Stranger: ayy
You: was that a squeal? ;D
You: only dirty girls squeal
Stranger: yeah
You: mmmmm
You: i want you to do dirty things to my horn
Stranger: i want it for me
You: you want it IN you?
Stranger: do it
You: consider it done princess
Stranger: aya
Stranger: yay
You: how does it feel sweet lips?
Stranger: hard
You: does it feel fibrous?
You: because it is ;)
Stranger: totally
You: mmmm
Stranger: teehee
You: do you like anal?
Stranger: no it hurts
You: it hurts so GOOD
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Uploaded 11/21/2009
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