Patrick The Great

John O'Mally takes a trip to Dublin and stops in at a country pub. There is a despondent man sitting next to him having a pint.

He looks up at John and says, "You see that house across the street, I built that house with me bare hands, brick by brick." Six families live in that you think that even once the people in this town would say, 'There goes Patrick the great home builder'..... "Nooooooo ! " He again looks down sadly at his pint.

Then he says to John, "See that road out there ? I built that road, laid all the pavement myself, it runs all the way from Tipperary to the east end of Dublin. Do you think anyone would say, ' Hey, look ! there goes Patrick the great road builder builder'..... Nooooo. Again he looks down.

Then Patrick says, "There were many children born in this village, I helped deliver many of them before the doctor arrived. I cut the umbilical cords and laid them at their mother's bosom. Do you think anyone in this town would have said, 'There goes Patrick the great baby bringer'....? Noooo.

But you fuck one goat.
Uploaded 08/11/2009
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