Paying Off Debt

One day a man, is going over the bills and he is incredibly stressed out. The man tells his wife "Honey, I don't know how we are gonna do this. Are electric bill is higher than it ever has been, I'm working two jobs, Stacy is almost done at Boston University but Kevin is going to Boston College next year. We really need to do something soon or Im gonna have a nervous breakdown". The wife says "I know dear, but what do you want me to do? I don't have much skills and I don't have a college degree".

The man then says "Well listen hun, you are still very sexy for your age, and lets face it, you and I both know that you are great at sex. We are going to make you into a prostitute. The wife really doesn't want to do it but they have no choice.

The next day, the couple are in the car and the wife gets out in the sluttiest outfit.The man parks the car around the corner while the woman waits for a customer when all of a sudden a guy pulls in. The customer then asks "How much for sex?" The wife is all confused and says "Hold on a minute".

She then runs around the corner and asks her husband "Stu, the guy who pulled up just asked how much for sex, what should I tell him ?" The man then says "Tell him $100". The wife then runs back to the customer and says "$100". The customer says "Dammit all I have is $50".

The wife again confused runs back to her husband and says "He says he only has $50." Then the husband says "Well then tell him you will just give him a blow job". The wife runs back to the customer and says "Well I can give you a blow job for $50". The customer says "Ok screw it I'm desperate get in the car".

So the customer whips out his penis and it is a good 14 inches. It is a mammoth penis and easily the biggest the women has ever seen. The women is in awe and then she says "Ummmmm ...... hold on a minute". She runs back to her husband and says and asks

"Stu, can we please lown him the extra $50?"
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