Prey of Bird

So my friend Joe was hiking in the Adirondacks a month ago when he got off the beaten path and was really lost. He was stuck out in the woods for three days without food, as his efforts at hunting had thus far failed. He was ready to throw in the towel and call it quits when he came across a rather large bird with a broken leg and wing. "Oh Sweet Lord," Joe proclaimed, taking a stone and killing the bird.

Joe made a fire so he could cook his first meal in three days. He skinned and roasted the bird, and took his first juicy bite. Just then, a park ranger stumbled upon Joe. "Sir," the ranger said. "Do you realize that you are eating a whooping crane? I am going to have to arrest you for killing an endangered species."

The ranger took Joe to the local Sheriff, who brought him before court. The judge interrogated Joe about his misdeed. "Joe, don't you realize that this species is quite rare and protected by our environmental laws."

Joe: "Your honor, you must understand that I was stranded out there for three days without food. You cannot punish me for trying to survive."

Judge: "Joe, I understand that this was a matter of life or death, and you will be pardoned because of necessity. However, as an avid hunter and gamesman, I must ask -- what does a whooping crane taste like?"

Joe: "I'd say its a cross between a bald eagle and a California condor."
Uploaded 05/02/2009
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