Prisoners of war: Chinese guy, White guy Black guy

After a battle three guys are taken captive by the opposing side a chinese guy, a white guy and a black guy. Their leader who wants to have some sick fun tells them each "I have a deal for you, if you can break this 2x4 piece of wood I will let you go, if not I'll kill you. BUT the catch is you have to use your dicks". The white guy steps up and swings away at the piece of wood for his life but fails, so he is shot. The black guy steps up and says "I GOT THIS" he leaves a dent but doesn't break it, so he is shot. The Chinese guy steps up and the soldiers laugh at him due to stereotypes about Chinese guys and their packages. The Chinese pulls down his pants and before they could blink the 2x4 snapped in two. The leader says "You are free to go but how the fuck did you do that?" He responds "Me Chinese me no trick, teach karate to my dick." as he struts away.
Uploaded 06/15/2011
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