Racism on the plane

A plane is loosing altitude and in danger of running into a mountain if it can't maintain its altitude. The Captain gets on the P.A.,"Ladies and Gentlemen we are loosing altitude and in danger of not clearing a mountain range so we are going to toss your luggage to loose some weight, we apologize for this." a few moments later the Captain gets back on the PA,"umm Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen but we are still loosing altitude so I hate that it had to come to this but we are going to have to start throwing off some passengers, so we are going to in alphabetical order. Lets start with the African Americans, any African Americans, please stand up if your African American., " no one stands up' Okay okay lets move to Blacks any Blacks" again no stands up" okay umm any Colored people Colored people please stand up" no one stands. A little black boy turns to his mom and says"Mom shouldn't we be standing since we are African, black and Colored..? No hone do day we're niggers. Aint no damn way we're dying before the mexicans.
Uploaded 04/03/2009
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