Racist Jokes

1. Why are black people so fast at running
(because they are always running from the cops)

2. Why are black peoples hands so white?
(because they're always on the hoods of cars)

3. Whay did God say when he made his first black person?
(holy shit i burned one)

4.What's the difference between white fairy tales and black fairy tales? A white fairy tale starts with "Once upon a time...". A black fairy tale starts, "Yo, you motherfuckers ain't gonna believe this shit..."

5."Why do niggers have nightmares instead of dreams?"
("Because the last nigger that had a dream got shot...")

6. What do you say when your TV starts floating in the middle of the night?
(Drop it Nigger.)

7. Q: What did the black kid get for christmas?
A: Your TV.

8. Q. What are 3 things you can't give to a black guy?
A. A fat-lip, a black-eye, and a job.

9. What do black people and semen have in common?
Only one in a million work.

10. Whats the difference between a white guy and a black guy that sell drugs?
One is a pharmacist and the other is a drug dealer.

11. Q: What does nike and the kkk do?
A: They make black people run faster.
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