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Halloween Costumes

A black man walks into a costume store, looking for something for Halloween. He walks up to the counter and asks the owner,

"You got anythin I can wear for Halloween?"

The store owner goes back into the store room and brings out a Lone Ranger costume. The black man says "Naw, man, I can't wear no Lone Ranger costume! The Lone Ranger was white!'

Tthe store owner goes back a second time and comes back with another costume, this time one of Tonto. The black man says "Man, do you see me? I'm black! Tonto was a red man!"

The store owner, frustrated, goes back a third time. This time he comes back with a pillow and a two-by-four.

The black man says "What kinda costume is that?"

The store owner says, "Well, you and a friend could tie yourselves to this pillow and go as an Oreo, or you could stick this two-by-four up your ass and go as a Fudgesicle."
Ricochet91 Uploaded 10/20/2008
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