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Head Issues

A man woke up one day to find a slight bump in the middle of his forehead. As days passed, the bump got larger and larger. Finally, when the bump seemed to be growing further out of his forehead, he worriedly went to the doctor's office.

The doctor examined him, making the occasional grumble, but not really saying anything.

"Will you tell me what it is, doctor?"

"Well, what you have is a very rare case wherein a penis grows out of the forehead."

"Oh god! How will I ever be able to look at myself in the mirror ever again?" he cried.

The doctor replied, "Oh, don't worry about that!"

"You mean I'll be fine?!" he asked.

"Oh no, but once the balls develop and hang in your eyes, you won't be able to see anything!"
danzig77 Uploaded 10/28/2008
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