A little Boner for you

A boy lived on a farm with the farmer and the farmer's daughter.
One day, the boy was in the barn and he happened to notice the farmer's daughter's backside as she milked the cows and got a strange sensation.
He quickly ran to the field to where the farmer was plowing, pulled down his pants, pointed to his penis and said, "What the hell is that?"
The Farmer, with a look of understanding on his face, told the boy, "That my friend is called a Boner. Go to the barn, grab two handfuls of cow droppings, rub them on your penis and it will go down".
The boy quickly ran to barn and did as he was told and his erection quickly subsided.
The next day, the boy ounce again happened to see the farmer's daughter's backside as she was milking the cows and got the same strange sensation.
The boy, being a quick learner, pulled down his pants and grab himself two handfuls of cow droppings and was about to apply his remedy when the farmer's daughter turned around.
"What in
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