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The 5 Dollar Hooker

A desperate, sex-crazed man has a sudden urge to get his willy-whacked, so he goes downtown to pick up a hooker.

The man finally picks up a hooker and and is on his way to a safe spot away from the city to do his dirty business. When they arrive at their destination, he tells her, "I only have $5, that better be enough." The hooker agrees and they are on with their thing.

A week later, the man notices a deep itching sensation around his crotch area and realizes he has crabs. Enraged, the man drives back downtown and finds the $5 hooker and yelled at her, "BITCH! Your gave me crabs!"

And her response was, "For $5 what did you expect? Lobster?"
ChuckNasty Uploaded 11/01/2008
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