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ten commandments

God's up in heaven, with all of these commandments to give out, not knowing what to do with them all...
So he looks down and sees the Egyptians. So he goes to the Pharaoh, and says
"Pharaoh, would you like a commandment?"
"Well, what is it?" says the Pharaoh,
"Thou shalt not commit adultery" replies God.
"I'm sorry, but committing adultery is what we Egyptians do best"

So God had another look around and sees the Arabs,
so he goes to see the Arab chief, offering a commandment,
"Well, what is this commandment" asks the Arab chief
"Thou shalt not steal" says God,
"Sorry God, but we Arabs just love to steal"

God, a bit annoyed now, looks on, and sees Moses, leader of the Jews atop a mountain, so off he goes,

"Moses, leader of the Jews, could I interest you in a commandment?"
"Well, how much are they?" inquires Moses
"Well, they're free" replies God, a little surprised,
"Great, I'll take ten!"
Falthor Uploaded 11/07/2008
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