A dirty confession

A guy went to the preacher and said, "Father forgive me, for I have sinned. Last night I slept with a woman to whom I was not married."
The preacher said, "That is not good my son. Did you have sex with her?"
The man said, "Almost, I actually just rubbed my penis on her vagina."
The preacher said, "Well my son, rubbing it on her is just the same as putting it in."
The man said, "Oh, OK father, what should I do now in order to be forgiven?"
The preacher said, "Well, just put $50 in the box to give to the poor and you will be forgiven."
The man said, "OK."
So he walked out of the confessional and took his $50 and just rubbed it on the box and walked away.
The next day the preacher saw the man in the grocery store.
The preacher said, "I saw what you did with your money yesterday. Why did you just rub it on the box?"
The man said, "Well father, rubbing it on the box is the same as putting it in!"
Uploaded 11/09/2008
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