Too many kids...

An old redneck woman goes to the welfare office to get some money and fifteen kids follow behind her. She goes up to the desk and says, "I'm here to git sum money fer all my kids over thar."

The young man behind the desk is a little shocked that someone could have so many kids, but still asks, "Alright I'll need to know their names."

The woman points to each child and says, "Well he's Leroy, she's Leroy, Them two is Leroy..." Suddently the man interupts her and says," Wait, are ALL your kids named Leroy?" And the woman says yes.

The man asks why would you name all your kids Leroy? The woman simply replies, " well if I want all them to stop what their doin, I just says stop and they all stop, and if I want all them to come here, I just says Leroy come here.

The man asks, "well lady what if you only want one of them to come over to you?'

The woman replies, "Thats simple, I just calls them by their last names.
Uploaded 01/24/2008
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