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Midget Lisp

A midget with a lisp walks into a stable and sees that a horse is for sale. So, he asked the owner, "Ssso, youW hoWSse is foW Ssale? I'd like to Sssee heW teetthSss."

So, the owner picks up the midget and shows him the horse's teeth.

Midget replies, "verWy niSce veWy niSce. May I Sssee heW eaWs nexSt?"

So, Again the owner picks up the midget and lets him see the horse's ears.

Lastly, the midget asks the owner, "May I Ssee her tWat?"

The owner pauses for a second and then picks up the midget and shoves him up the horse's ass.

The midget screams at the owner, "NO NO heW Tttrot, heW Tttrot!"
tmy1122 Uploaded 02/07/2008
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