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three brothers, sam, pat, and rick, all die and go to heaven. rick and pat are normal guys, but sam is a real prick. ugly, scrawny, and an asshole no one liked.
at the pearly gates they meet an angel. the angel says "welcome to heaven. we only have one rule, don't step on the ducks."
"what?" asks pat
"you'll see."
sure enough heaven is covered with ducks, with hardly any room the walk without crushing a quacker.
the next day sam and pat are wandering around, and they find rick surgically grafted to the most grotesque, ugly, fat woman imaginable.
sam and pat ask, "what the hell happened to you?"
"i stepped on a duck." groans rick.
the next day, rick and sam find pat grafted to an even uglier woman. sam asks "what happened?"
"what do you think? i stepped on a damn duck."
next day pat and rick find sam grafted to the most beautiful woman imaginable. "what the hell?!?!?" yells rick
"i stepped o
bigsheepdog Uploaded 02/11/2008
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