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Whats that?

One day little Billy and little Sue are playing in the sandbox when Billy's pants fall down when he stands up. Little Sue points to his thing and says "Whats that?". "I dont know" says little Billy. So the next day he asks his dad and he replies "Thats your car son and your goal in life is to park it in as many garages as you can." So he goes and tells little Sue and they go on and play, untill little Sues pants fall down and little Billy exclames "Whats that?". "I dont know says little Sue. So she goes and asks her mom and she says "Thats your garage and you shouldnt let any cars park in it before your 21." The next day Sue comes home and her hands are bloody, "What happened?" said her mom, "Did you hurt yourself?". "No" replied little Sue "A car tried to park in my garage so I ripped its two back wheels off!"
Shorty0994 Uploaded 02/11/2008
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