Blonde Blowjob

a man sees a hot blonde at a bar, so he decides to hit on her. "Hi. I've gotta be honest. I really want a blowjob from you"
The blonde looks him up and down. "No thanks. I only suck on big black dicks"
The man, desperate for a blowjob says "well, my cock is huge! and Black!"
The blonde agrees

The 2 go back to his place. The man unzips his pants as the blonde licks her lips.
"I'm all wet." she says into his ear. The man, blinded by his hormones wips it out, forgetting what he had said earlier. The blonde pauses.
"It's big... but its not black"
The Man thinks quick on his feet then asks the girl to shut her eyes. She agrees. As soon as her eyes shut, the blonde yells "OUCH!" and to her suprise, he has a black penis. Blinded by HER hormones, she starts sucking away. After the man blows his load, she notices his penis isn't black anymore.
"Um, Why isn't your dick black? and why does my mouth taste like shit?"
Uploaded 02/11/2008
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