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Asleep in Church

Edna and her husband Bill go to church every Sunday, and during the service Bill falls asleep.

One afternoon Edna goes to the priest and asks what she can do. The priest hands her a needle and tells her to prick him with it every time he falls asleep.

The next week at church Bill falls asleep while the priest is talking and when the priest asks who is our savior?

Edna pokes him with the needle and he yells out "JESUS!"

Soon after that he goes back to sleep. The next question the priest asks is: Who is Jesus' Father? Edna pokes him with the needle and Bill yells out "GOD!"

And in a little while goes back to sleep. The last question the priest asks is what did Eve say to Adam after he impregnated her for the 99th time?

Edna pricks him with the needle again and he yells "IF YOU POKE THAT DAMN THING IN ME ONE MORE TIME I'LL SNAP IT IN HALF AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!"
thelegendery Uploaded 02/12/2008
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