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10 bucks

Before Bill walked out the door to go to the bar with his friends his wife told him: "Billy, if you plan on getting so drunk that you come home and throw up you might as well not come home this time"!

"OK" said Bill. So they got to drinking and got as drunk as they had ever been. Later on Bill sure did throw up all over his shirt. "Shit" he said "What am I going to do now?"

His best friend put a 10 dollar bill in his front pocket and said "Tell your wife that some guy threw up on you and gave you 10 bucks to get your shirt cleaned". "Thats Brilliant" said Bill.

A few hours later Bill returned home and as soon as his wife saw him she stared screaming. "Wait" said Bill "I can explain". "Someone threw up on me at the bar and gave me this 10 dollar bill to get my shirt cleaned".

"OK" said his wife. "Then why is there a 20 dollar bill in there not a 10 dollar bill
RUK1DD1NG Uploaded 02/19/2008
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