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Legless Parrot

One day a man walks into a pet store and sees a parrot with a BIG SALE sign he walks up to it and asks out loud "I wonder why this parrot is for sale?" The parrot replies, " Because I have no legs..." The man in shock asks the bird a series of questions and the bird replies as if human. Then the man asks well if you don't have any legs how do you stand? The bird replies… Well it’s kind of embarrassing but I wrap my private part around the pole and I stay up… That’s why nobody will buy me. The man purchases the parrot and takes it home. After a few weeks they build a great relationship with one another. One night the man comes home from work and the bird calls him over and says...” After you left for work today the neighbor came over... Man says and??… Your wife answered the door wearing some REALLY sexy lingerie… AND THEN!!??… He started to kiss her all over and take off all of her clothes… AND THEN AND THEN!!??…I don’t know I got excited
johnsssssss Uploaded 02/24/2008
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