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Gay Rooster

A farmer needs a new Rooster to watch after his hens because his current one is getting pretty old,

So the new rooster struts around the yard, meets all the young hens, and runs into the old rooster.

The young rooster says "Get outta here old man, I'm the new man round here, so go retire!"
The old rooster says "I'll let you have all the hens if you can beat me in a race around the barn. Now I'm old, I got a bad ticker and I scare easily, so you gotta gimme a head start.
The young rooster agrees, and after he gives the old rooster a head start decided he can take care of the old rooster by scaring him as they race, so he chases after the old rooster squaking and flapping his wings.

The farmer sees this from the porch, gets out his shotgun and blows the youg rooster away, yelling

"GAWDAMMIT! That's the third aggot rooster I got this damn week!"
Axewound Uploaded 02/28/2008
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