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Does you prick reach your butt-hole

A 15 year kid is about to turn 16 pretty soon. He asks his father:

-Dad, can i get a car?

The father replies:

-Does your prick reach butt-hole?

The kid goes in the bathroom it measures it.

-No, it doesn't reach it.

-(father)Then you don't get a car.

A year goes by. He is now 16. so he asks again:

-Can I get a car now, dad?

-(father) does your prick reach your butt-hole yet?

-(son) No...

-No car then.

2 years go by now. he is 18. With another attempt to convince his father, he asks again:

-Dad! i'm major. can i get a car now?

-Does your prick reach your butt-hole?

the son runs to the bathroom and measures.

He goes to his dad.

-Yes! it reaches it.

the father replies,

_Think_ Uploaded 02/28/2008
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