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3 guys go to heaven

There's a plane crash over Texas. Three men, one white, one Mexican, and a Black guy die. When the men arrive at the pearly gates, Saint Peter speaks to the white man first.
Saint Peter: Have you lived a good life?
White Man: Yes. I've loved all mankind and I've money to the church.
Saint Peter: Sorry, it seems that we don't have a place for you just yet. To Purgatory you go.
Then Saint Peter asks the Mexican.
Saint Peter: Have you lived a good life?
Mexican: Si. Buenos Dias.
Saint Peter: Hell. We only speak English in Heaven.
Finally, Saint Peter addresses the Black guy, who by this time is very nervous.
Saint Peter: Have you lived a good life?
Black guy: No. I've not been very good. I've stolen and lied and cheated and I even killed once.
Saint Peter: Hmm. It seems that you can go to heaven.
The Black guy is astounded.
Black guy: Why do I get to go to heaven and not the other two?
Saint Peter: Because those trashcans won't empty themselves now will t
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