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Politically Correct Feminine Terminology

She is not: An airhead
She is: Reality Impaired

She is not: A Bleached Blond
She is: Peroxide Dependant

She does not have: Major league hooters
She is: Pectorally Superior

She does not have: A Great Tan
She is: Pigmentally Enhanced

You do not want to: Score or pick her up
You want to: Attempt a Horizontal Encounter

She is not: A perfect 10
She is: Numerically Superior

She does not have: A great butt
She has: A Superior Posterior

She does not have: A perfect body
She is: Anatomically Gifted

She is not: Drunk or tipsy
She is: Chemically Inconvenienced
B_Easy Uploaded 03/08/2008
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