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Random Phobias

Heredity- Patroiophobia
Illness- Nosemaphobia
Infection- Mysophobia
Injections- Tryanophobia
Insanity- Maniaphobia
Knees- Genuphobia
Leprosy- Leprophobia
Mind- Psychophobia
Physical Love- Erotophobia
Poison- toxiphobia
Pregnancy- Maieusiophobia
Semen- Spermatophobia
Sex- Genophobia
Sexual Intercourse- Coitophobia
Skin- Dermatophobia
Skin Disease- Dermatosiophobia
Soiling- Rypophobia
Surgical Operations- Ergasiophobia
Syphilis- Sypilophobia
Teeth- Odontophobia
Tuberculosis- Phthisiophobia
Venereal Disease- Cypridophobia
Vomiting- Emetophobia
Wounds- Traumatophobia
Disturbed01 Uploaded 03/09/2008
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