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Random Phobias Part 6

The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth- Arachibutyrophobia
Certain Names-Onomatophobia
Dirt- Mysophobia
Disorder- Ataxiophobia
Draugts- Anemophobia
Dreams- Oneirophobia
Dust- Amathophobia
Electricity- Electrophobia
Everything- Pantophobia
Failure- Kakorraphiaphobia
Fall of Man-made
Fears- Phobophobia
Fire- Pyrophobia
Flashing- Selaphobia
Flogging- Mastigophobia
Ghosts- Phasmophobia
Graves- Taphophobia
Ideas- Ideophobia
Imperfection- Atelophobia
Jealousy- Zelophobia
Justice- Dikephobia
Marriage- Gamophobia
Monsters- Teratophobia
Music- Musicophobia
Names- Nomatophobia
Narrowness- Anginaphobia
Neglect of Duty-Paralipophobia
New Things- Neophobia
Novelty- Cainophobia
Nudity- Gymnophobia
Number 13-Triskaidekaphobia
One Thing- Monophobia
Disturbed01 Uploaded 03/09/2008
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