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Tom, Ben, and Tony are flying a private jet to the Pro Bowl when it mysteriously crashes. When the get to Heaven they are all standing in line to wait and talk to God. Ben goes first and God asks him "Ben, what do you believe in?" Ben replies to God "God, I believe in hard work, discipline and living for the moment." God answers him, "That is good, come have a seat to my left. God then asks Tony the same question, "Tony, what do you believe?" Tony replies, "God, I believe in doing my best, treating people right and livin' the good ole' country life." God says, "Well, I like that too, have seat to my right. Finally he asks Tom "Tom what do you believe in?" Tom Tom looks at God and says, "Well, God, I believe you're in my seat..."
h4ppy Uploaded 03/21/2008
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