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shampoo and conditioner blonde

a women walks into the store one day looking for a bottle of conditioner for her hair. she walks up to a blonde women who worked at the store and said
costomer: excuse me miss im looking for some conditioner for my hair, do you have any?
blonde: conditioner? wtf is that? replys the blonde
costomer: are you saying you do not know what conditioner is?
blonde: no im afraid not.
costomer: well it is white and sorta slimy, and it smells good.
blonde: oh i use something like that in my hair every other night
costomer: oh really why every other night?
blonde: oh idk why but after a few weeks i decided to do it every other day
costomer: why?
blonde: oh cuz my boyfriend needs a extra day to make his special slime, funny thing is after we have sex he seems to always have a good amount
marcusc Uploaded 03/28/2008
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