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How to get rid of your mother in law

A woman had three daughters. One day she decided to test her son-in laws. She invites the first one for a stroll by the lakeside, purposely she falls in and pretends to be drowning. Without any hesitation, the son-in law jumps in and saves her.

The next morning he finds a brand new Toyota Prius in his driveway with a message in his windshield..."Thanks you!" -Your Mother-In-Law who loves you.

A few days later, the lady does the same thing with the second son-in law. He jumps in and saves her also. She offers him a new Toyota Prius with the same message on the windshield.

A few days later, she does the same thing to the third son-in law. While she is drowning, the son-in law looks at her without moving and inch and thinks: "Finally! Its about time this old witch dies!"

The next morning, he a receives abrand new Porche with a message "Thank You!" -Your father in law
Fiftyonefifty Uploaded 03/30/2008
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