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Prize Cock

A Kansas farmer has a prize rooster he is very proud of. The rooster's quite a stud and sires many fine hens. One day the rooster decides he's tired of hens, and he starts having sex with the ducks and geese. The rooster loves the interspecies intercourse, so he bangs a cat, a dog, he even tries his luck with the sheep.

The farmer watches all of this wearily and warns the rooster, "You'd better slow down, you're gonna screw yourself to death one of these days."

The rooster's behavior continues for about a month, until one morning when the farmer can't find him anywhere. He eventually finds the rooster in the middle of a field, lying spread eagle on his back, motionless, with buzzards circling in the sky above. The farmer run's to the rooster's side and says, " Dangit! I told you you was gonna screw yo'self to death!"

The rooster opens one eye, looks over at the farmer, points up at the buzzards and says,
"Shh! They're getting closer!!"
milkdilk Uploaded 04/07/2008
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